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IntaCapital Swiss SA, Bank Guarantees and Project Finance

Companies who have projects ready to go, but lacking finance often turn to their banks. However, in some cases banks and lending institutions are rejecting applications. Here we outline the alternatives to seeking funding for new projects and highlight a company in Switzerland that has been providing access to project finance for over a decade.  

Where banks have refused to lend, IntaCapital Swiss SA have again and again provided access to loans and line of credit. These funds can be used to fund new business or provide essential capital for projects, new or on-going. 

IntaCapital Swiss SA, Geneva, Switzerland 

Based in the heart of Geneva’s financial district, IntaCapital Swiss have been providing access to finance for over a decade. They have a highly specialised team providing cutting edge financial products. Their most popular product is the Collateral Transfer Facility. This facility allows companies to access Bank Guarantees, which can then be monetised to provide loans and lines of credit.  

If your company has been struggling to access finance, and banks/other traditional lenders are turning down your applications for credit, then I would suggest to get in touch with IntaCapital Swiss SA or head over to their site to learn more.  

Accessing Loans and Lines of Credit Utilising Bank Guarantees 

There is only one type of Bank Guarantee that can be used to access loans and lines of credit, the Demand Bank Guarantee. This guarantee is only issued for monetisation purposes and contains specific and precise verbiage. This allows lenders to use this instrument as collateral for lending purposes. The Demand Bank Guarantee is payable on first demand and is governed by ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees, (URDG 758). 

Finally, and most Importantly 

If you are a company struggling to find finance, IntaCapital Swiss should be you next port of call. They are experts when it comes to providing finance using Demand Bank Guarantees. They have provided finance to companies across the globe, from the Far East and South East Asia through India and the Middle East. IntaCapital Swiss have helped companies finance their project and new business. 

There is one more piece of information, which is useful to know. It has been known for banks to turn down the opportunity to lend against Demand Bank Guarantees. In such cases IntaCapital Swiss have ridden to the rescue. They have their own data base of third-party lenders. These lenders are happy to lend against Demand Bank Guarantees.