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A MT799 is a free format message, and is used to communicate freely between banks and financial institutions through the SWIFT system. It is not used as a payment instruction or a promise to pay. A MT799 is mainly used as a pre-advice for banking instruments such as Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit and Documentary Letters of Credit.

Other uses can be proof of funds or confirmation of funds, and is where a buyer and a seller have signed a contract and the buyer can request their bank to confirm to the seller’s bank that there are sufficient funds available to complete the contract. However, it is NOT a guarantee of payment.

The Difference Between a MT799 and a MT760


This message type is designated as a Free Flow message and is employed as a pre-advice message, where the bank issuing a Bank Guarantee informs the Beneficiary’s bank, (the Receiving Bank), that they can expect to receive a Bank Guarantee in favour of their client. This message type can also be used for a Standby Letter of Credit and a Documentary Letter of Credit.


This dedicated message type is designated for transmitting Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit and Standby Letters of Credit from one bank to another.